Sales and Marketing Services in Cambridge

Whether you a well-established business or just starting up, an effective marketing and sales strategy is essential. Focusing on marketing and effectively promoting your company attracts clients and customers. Marketing is also a key factor in improving and growing sales.

Regardless of if you are a web-based company or a bricks and mortar business, an effective online presence is one of the most important elements of any marketing strategy. Websites are often the first contact a prospective customer, client or other contact has with a business. They are also used to verify businesses. As a result, it is crucial to have relevant and quality information on your website. This includes details on the products and/or services you provide. Your website should also include information on your experience, including credentials and testimonials. It should also have contact details and information on your service area, including whether you serve areas outside Cambridge.

In addition to your website, your marking approach should embrace other online tools such as social media. Social media helps business connect with customers, clients and other audiences directly with real-time information. It also allows businesses to connect with their industry including other entrepreneurs and businesses as well as investors and potential partners. Having dedicated accounts with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and others gives you platforms to promote and market your business. Engaging social media accounts allows you to generate interest among customers, contributing to sales. It also gives you opportunities to interact with other social media accounts operated by business organisations and groups in Cambridge and beyond.

Being connected with the business community in Cambridge is essential for any marketing strategy. Networking is a vital part of promoting your business in order to generate leads and ultimately sales. One way to build networks is to register with local and regional business directories. This will increase a business's online presence and visibility including in search engine results. Examples of directories include iCambridgeshire and Independent Cambridge. There are also national business directories such as Bizwiki. You can also promote your business through local media, including print and online outlets. Consider posting ads promoting your product or service as well as special offers or events. You might also consider reaching out to outlets with blogs. This provides you with opportunities to promote your company and increase its visibility. Media outlets in the area include the Cambridge News and the Cambs Times, although national media should also not be discounted depending on your target audience.

Registering your business is just one way of networking. Several organisations in and around Cambridge provide networking opportunities through events such as seminars, luncheons and other activities. Many of these organisations also offer learning and training opportunities. Organisations the offer local networking opportunities include the Cambridge Network, which caters to businesses in the high technology sector. Others include the Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce, the Confederation of British Industry, and the Federal of Small Business. Building your network involves making contacts that have influence and relevance. It is more than just exchanging business cards. Networking requires effort in order to build relationships that will help your business grow through enhanced awareness and generating leads that will boost the development and growth of the business. Ultimately, the number of contacts in your network is not as relevant as the quality of your contacts. Your network should include mentors, partners and others that are motivated and willing to help your business grow. This might happen through partnerships such as joint ventures that can involve cross-marketing.

Another cost effective way of marketing your business is email marketing. Before starting any email marketing strategy, a database of contacts must be developed. While business owners can spend money to purchase a ready-made database, building one is not very difficult. An effective way of building your own email contact database is by offering a newsletter or email subscription on your website. This will give you a listing of potential clients and customers to target as well as other useful contacts. Be sure to make it clear to anyone signing up that their email might be used for this type of marketing. You can then use this database to send relevant information through a newsletter or dedicated emails with details on company announcements and events as well as special offers.

Regardless of what approach you take, your sales and marketing strategy should be multifaceted. You should research your competitors to identify what is effective for your industry. You should also review your needs to identify any gaps. This will help you identify what is needed for your business. This intelligence will also help you target your resources by identifying priorities and activities. You should also have a dedicated marketing budget to implement your plan. While you can create your strategy, you might want to consider hiring a professional marketing consultant to help you develop your marketing and sales plan. This is especially helpful if you do not have the in-house capacity or expertise. Your strategy should also be responsive and flexible, and you should use performance measure to gauge success and make adjustments as needed.